Spotlight Series Now Live

It’s finally here! The full set of 12 poster resources for the Spotlight Series: Celebrating Disabled Scientists project are now available to download from the Compound Interest website.

In 2022, we had the privilege of participating in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Disability and Accessibility Roundtable. Discussions explored the leaky pipeline of disabled talent, which describes the reduction in the representation of disabled individuals at each progressive career stage. From the event, a key focus on accessibility in STEM education emerged. The Spotlight Series: Celebrating Disabled Scientists project marks the first step towards our goal to support more disabled individuals to pursue STEM careers. With each poster featuring a disabled scientist, their work and their experience of disability, we are providing role models to raise the aspirations of disabled students and to challenge stigma across the wider student population.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our 12 fabulous featured disabled scientists:

Nicole Melzack

Dr Jessica Louise Boland

Dr Jazmin Scarlett

Ollie Thomas

Hamied Haroon

Stephen Buckley

Bee Hockin

Max Fisher

Claire Doswell

Emily Arndt

Henry Powell-Davies

Amie Sankoh

Whilst the Spotlight Series is a closed project of 12, we invite you to participate in our case study project. Our case study project, shared across the Enable Science website and social media platforms, is designed to capture the voices of the wider disabled science community. Please support us in increasing the representation of disabled scientist, and addressing harmful stereotypes and practices within science. Complete a short online form to tell your story.

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