Building a community of disabled scientists to empower individuals and drive inclusion within science.

Proving that disability belongs in science

about us


Whilst working as a laboratory assistant, founder, Chantelle Minchin, encountered disability discrimination first hand. Chantelle realised that she would need to learn to advocate for herself if she wanted to pursue a career in science. As part of her advocacy journey, Chantelle participated in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Inclusion and Belonging in the Chemical Sciences focus group. It was upon hearing similar stories of disability discrimination and recognising the benefits of a peer forum for disabled scientists, that Chantelle first coined the idea of the Enable Science Network. When the Royal Society of Chemistry advertised its Inclusion and Diversity Fund’s Disability and Accessibility Special Call, Chantelle realised that it was the perfect opportunity to establish Enable Science.

what we do

Networking and Events

Connect with the disabled science community, whether you are looking for peer support or you are hoping to expand your personal and professional social circles.

Information and Advice

Find the right support, when you need it. Navigate our resources, and help others to do the same, by sharing your experiences.

Partnering for Change

Join us in our work to make science more inclusive – amplify our collective voice to raise awareness and guide policy.

How can we help?

1. Search our resources to find information and advice on what support is available to you.

2. Follow our news and events for more opportunities to receive advice and support.

3. Send us a message to express an interest in finding a mentor or to chat about other ways in which we can help.

How can you help?

1. Join our Open Forums to influence the direction of Enable Science and to support our activities.

2. Complete our Case Study form to share your experience and advice.

3. Send us a message to express an interest in becoming a mentor or to discuss other ways in which you can help.

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